Retrieving the Dell PowerEdge VRTX hardware and firmware inventory using Windows PowerShell

I found this blog on Dell TechCenter.

The Dell VRTX Chassis is a converged infrastructure solution that includes four separate compute nodes, network infrastructure, and a shared storage subsystem. This blog post illustrates how you can get information about the server blades.

Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) helps manage, monitor, configure and deploy different hardware components in the Dell PowerEdge VRTX Solution. CMC lets you access all iDRACs from the server nodes as well. Thus, CMC provides a holistic remote management capability that enables you to manage the VRTX solution from anywhere at any time irrespective of the operating system status.

Integration of PowerShell in Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 along with Dell iDRAC7 provides a rich set of remote management capabilities on the VRTX solution. You can install either Windows Management Framework 3.0 or Windows Management Framework 4.0 on your Windows 2008 R2+ or Windows 7 client systems and remotely manage the servers!

The following script creates a CIM session to the CMC of the VRTX chassis and retrieves the server information of all compute nodes present in the chassis using the WSMAN protocol.


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