Windows Server OS Support for PowerEdge VRTX

For all of you who want to know which Windows Server Version and Driver Version you need to run you Windows OS on a Dell VRTX, please check out this Dell TechCenter Post.

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Hyper-V-Community Treffen am 13. Juni in Berlin



Nun ist es endlich soweit, wir fahren nach Berlin. Am 13. Juni kommt die Hyper-V Community nun nach Berlin, unser nächstes Treffen findet diesmal im Cisco Office in Berlin statt.

Geplant sind 3 spannende Vorträge (siehe unten) und wir werden auch wieder viel Zeit für Diskussionen haben. Der Start ist wie gewohnt um 14 Uhr und das Ende liegt so gegen 19 Uhr mit Getränken und Schnittchen.

Folgende Vorträge sind geplant:

  • Integration von Compute und Netzwerk in Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V – von Matthias Wessendorf – Cisco Deutschland
  • Praxiserfahrungen: SystemCenter VMM 2012 SP1 Erfahrungen aus der Praxis – Udo Walberer
  • Neuigkeiten von der TechEd 2013  – von Carsten Rachfahl – Rachfahl IT-Solutions

Wir werden sicherlich wieder viel Spaß und viele Erkenntnisse an dem Tag gewinnen und wir freuen uns schon auf euer zahlreiches Erscheinen.

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Supported GPUs (Graphics processing unit or graphic cards) for Windows Server Hyper-V Remote FX

I played a around with Windows Server Remote FX the last weeks and for me it was very hard to find a GPU that supports Remote FX with Windows Server 2012. After some tries on my own, I asked my friend Udo Walberer Technology Solution Professional DataCenter at Microsoft. (Thank you Udo)

He gave me the current GPU Support list from Microsoft.

The funny thing I found out was, the GPUs that worked with Windows Server 2008 R2, worked also in Windows Server 2012 Beta and RC. With RTM Version the compatibility changed and you need other GPUs. For me it looks like Microsoft changed some libraries.

Please also check the drivers for the GPUs because many of the current driver (december 2012) are not working with Windows Server 2012 Remote FX.


Two  Dell PowerEdge-C C6220 with one PowerEdge-C C410x and 16 Nvidia Tesla GPUs. Two C6220 can handle up to 4 GPUs per node.

Nvidia Tesla M-Series GPUSource:

Nvidia Tesla M-Series GPU in a Cage for Dell PowerEdge-C C410x Source:


Dell PowerEdge R720 can handle up to two GPUs Source:

Dell PowerEdge R720 can handle up to two GPUs Source:


Help to improve Hyper-V: The Big Great Hyper-V Survey is extended until first of December

This survey is conducted jointly by Adain Finn (Virtual Machine), Hans Vredevoort (Virtual Machine), Damian Flynn (System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management) and I’m happy to support this initiative.

Now the Survey is extended until the 1. December 2012.

What’s the aim of the survey?

The aim of The Great Big Hyper-V Survey is to understand how Hyper-V is being deployed, used, and managed.  This means that we ask questions about lots of subjects including the deployment project, the design of Hyper-V, the implementation of Hyper-V, how you manage it, and the private cloud.  This information is gathered and shared, free of cost, so we can all get a better understanding of how we all are implementing Microsoft virtualisation technology.


Who should participate in this survey … and why?

In brief: Anyone working with Hyper-V including Microsoft customers, partners as well as members of the Hyper-V community should take time to complete the survey. Your answers on Hyper-V usage will help improve the product, detect issues before they show up and enhance Microsoft and community support with guides, blogs and how to’s.

The survey is anonymous and no private data will be transmitted to Microsoft or any other vendor. The survey’s initiators are recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) but they all are completely independent experts (which, by the way, makes their contributions so valuable). All findings from the survey will be published at

Please go to The Great Big Hyper-V Survey webpage if you want to learn more about the survey; alternatively you can go straight to the survey. Thank you very much in advance for your support!