Dell PowerEdge VRTX Networking Deployment Guide including Microsoft Lync

Source Dell TechCenter Global:

This deployment guide outlines the steps of connecting the VRTX to a small business network including integration options for Dell W-Series WLAN Mobility controller. Dell PowerEdge VRTX is designed to empower Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) and Small and Medium Business (SMB) with the connectivity, along with its optimized storage and compute power to deliver an end-to-end solution optimized for providing for time sensitive applications like Microsoft Lync.

Download the Guide here.

Windows Server OS Support for PowerEdge VRTX

For all of you who want to know which Windows Server Version and Driver Version you need to run you Windows OS on a Dell VRTX, please check out this Dell TechCenter Post.

Link to post…

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Solutions for OLTP Applications on Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Like with reference architectures before, Dell gives you on his global Dell TechCenter now a reference architecture for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 OLTP Applications.

You can find the whitepaper here.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Solutions for OLTP Applications on Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Tower Version Source:

Dell PowerEdge VRTX #CiB virtualization with Hyper-V Reference Architecture

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Rack Version Source:

As you know, Dell announced his Cluster in a Box Solution, Dell PowerEdge VRTX (Vertex) a few weeks ago.

Here a detailed look on the system from Kevin Houston and the commercial.

Now Dell shows the first reference Architectures for Hyper-V and as use case a virtualized Exchange 2013 environment.

To download the Hyper-V Whitepaper please click here.
Microsoft Hyper-V® Server 2012 Reference Architecture on Dell PowerEdge VRTX

The Exchange Whitepaper you can find here.
Microsoft Exchange® 2013 Virtualized Solution with Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX