Nominated for European Commission Expert Panel – SDN & NFV

Hi everybody,

last week something awesome happend to me. I was ask by the European Commission (the Executive of the European Union) to join their expert panel regarding Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualisation. Therefor I will travel to brussel for some workshops and take part in some online surveys. I don’t know how I deserved it but I really love to take chance to meet other experts and discuss with them.

If you want to read more about that project, please click on the picture.


How to delete a Hyper-V converged switch with System Center Virtual Machine Manager Update 5

With System Center Virtual Machine Manager Update Rollup 5 there came some real cool features. One of my favorit is to deleted and manage Windows Server Hyper-V converged switch or how it is called in VMM standards switch.

Before you can see and work with the VM Switch your VMM environment musst be on Update Rollup 5 and VMM need a network connect to the Hyper-V Host for the whole time. So it might be neccessary to connect one NIC of the host to you management network.



First put the Mode in Maintance Mode


The easiest way to delete the converged switch is to open the Hyper-V Host properties.


Go to Virtual Switches





Now select the switch you want to delete and press delete



If all went well, the task in VMM should be green and your vNIC on the host should be removed.