Who should take the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Exams?



I will not answer on direct questions of the exam or give you more insides on the exam itself. Who await his can stop to read here. I only want to give a suggestion who should be able to pass the MTA requirements and when you should go on with the MCSA.



Why do I write about the MTA exam?

I decided to do the Microsoft Technology Associate Exam for Windows Server Fundamentals last week.


Why did I choose to take this exam?

I wanted to check the level of the exam if someone ask me for advice and to know which people should be able to pass them. Ok I also have to say, it was just for fun.


That brings me to my resume about the exam. At first, I really enjoyed it but for an IT Pro with more than 8 years’ experience this Exam offering is to easy and it looks like hunting for more certifications. When you see this exam it really targets the IT Basics of the different topics e.g.  Windows Server, Networking, Client or Databases.


At what point of your IT career should you choose the MTA?

I would suggest taking these exams during or short after your study at university or job training. That means in your first or second year in IT with specialization on the product you choose in MTA or later MCSA/MCSE.


Covers the MTA only Microsoft topics?

No it doesn’t. It is also an exam that touches day to day topics like basic hardware know how or backup.


How can I prepare myself for MTA?

I would suggest the courses on the Microsoft Virtual Academy to prepare for the exam.


After the MTA when should I go on with the MCSA Exam?

In my opinion you will need additional one or two year’s practical experience on the job and the product to be successful with the MCSA track.