Cluster aware update distribution network name failed when using prestaged AD object

While sitting at a customer and configuring Cluster Aware Update for a Scale out Fileserver, I ran in my most beloved known issue with CAU.

Everytime I use a prestaged computer object for cluster aware update cluster resource, I get following error messages:

image001 image002


In the first place I thought the delegation ins right but I configured it a short while before and when I let the cluster the CAU Object by its self, everthing is fine.

So it couldn’t be that. So I checked Technet and found the issue on the known issue pages, together with a workaround

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Resolution: The easiest way I tried is to reset the DNS record for the cluster object. You can do that by using the powershell command

Get-ClusterResource ‘<your CAU prestaged object’ | Update-ClusterNetworkNameResource


Let the Cluster place the CAU object automaticly and than rename it, while using

Rename-ADObject -Identity “CN=<CAU Object Name>,CN=Computers,DC=Contoso,DC=com” –NewName “<your new Object Name>”