How to add other Windows Server 2012 System to Server Manager for remote management via IP

In the new Server Manager from Windows Server 2012 you can add other Windows 2012 (and also Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 Servers) to manage. This is an easy way to consolidate and simplify your management environment.


1. Open the Server Manager on the Server that should be your management station.


2. In Server Manager click on “Manage” and than on “Add Servers”


3. A wizzard will open where you can search after the Servers you want to add. You can choose between search in AD, DNS or Import via CSV sheet. In my example I will search my Server via DNS / IP. For this please click on DNS.


4. Type in the name of your server and than click on the magnifying glass.


5. now the Server should be listed in the left box. Doubleclick on the servername to move it in the selction list. You can also mark the server and click on the error between both tables, to select them.

You are able to select as many server as you want.


6. When you finished with selection click “OK” and go to “all Servers” in the Server Manager. Now you should see all selected and added servers.



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