How can I see which Exam I need for my next Microsoft Certification?

Hi everybody,

also a questions that I want to answer for some guy’s of my community.

How can I see the exam requirements for my next Microsoft Certification without searching on Microsoft Learning Pages.

Nothing easiert than this.

1. Go to

2. Log in with your live ID that is connected to your MCP Account.

3. On your MCP Mainpage click on “My Certifcation Planer” (please enable Popups in your browser or for this page)

4. Now you see a list of all Certifications that are available from your current exam status.

5. Click on the Certification you want to earn and a Popup will open (that’s the reason for enabled Popups).

6. When you expand the requirements you see, which combination is possible to earn the Certification and if you failed a Requirement.


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