How to Configure DNS Reverse Lookup Zone in Windows Server 2012

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before we start with DHCP let us complette the DNS config by creating a Reverse Lookup Zone on our current DNS server.

1. The first thing we have to do is to open the “Server Manager” and than click “DNS” under “Tools”.

2. In the DNS MMC we click right on “Revers Loopup Zone” and select “New Zone…”.

3. Now the configuration wizzard starts. Klick “Next” to beginn.

4. Now you can select the zone type. In our case we select “Primary zone” and we want to store the information in Active Directory. So please select also “Store the zone in Active Directory”.

To learn more about DNS, feel free to visite Wiki page

5. Now we configure Zone replication. To prevent us from to much network traffic because of DNS replication, we do not replicate the zone over the complette forest, we replicate only in this domain.

6. After this you have to select the IP Version that will be handled by this zone.

7. Then enter the Network ID the musst be identified.

8. Now you have to set Dynamic Update for DNS entry’s. In a pure Windows Server DNS environment you should select “Allow only secure dynamic updates” otherwise you should select “Do not allow dynamic updates”. “Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates” could be a entrace for Haks (DNS spoofing).

9. Now you get a short summary and you can create the zone by clicking “Finish”.

10. If all works fine you should see the new zone in you DNS MMC.

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