Microsoft Masterminds Episode 10: Alexander Jushin, MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Remote Desktop Services & inventor of E2EVC/PubForum

Welcome to the new episode of tech talks with outstanding Microsoft community members from all over the world. Most interviews are with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and if you are not familiar with that program yet, I recommend you reading my recent introductory interview. Because next E2EVC in Copenhagen is near, want to publish my interview with Alexander Jushin at E2EVC in Hamburg last year, inventor of the E2EVC. We talked about the event and his focus as MVP. Enjoy reading!

This post has no relation to my job or my employer. Everything I post is my personal opinion and I write complete independent.

Flo: Alex, could you introduce yourself, the event and your company?

Alexander Jushin: Hello, I am Alex Jushin and I am the person behind the E2EVC or PubForum. We have been doing that for 10 years so far.  I myself, I’m Microsoft MVP and CTP (Citrix Technology Professional).  I am also trainer for both of the companies. The purpose of creating the E2EVC was initially to have a networking platform, we have two events in a year and every time we’ve got about 120 people from all of Europe.

Flo:  How do you get these great guest speakers like Aidan Finn or Didier van Hoye, Hans Vredevoort, Carsten Rachfahl or in the new MVP, Thomas Maurer.

Alexander Jushin:  Well, it wasn’t difficult to get them because they also believe in the power of the networking within the community.  When I asked them to come, they were very happy to do that and even more so to present very interesting content which is Windows 2012.  They all are MVPs and they know that their involvement in the community plays a big role for everyone involved in Microsoft technoolgies.

Flo: Let us take a look at your role as MVP. What’s your focus area?

Alexander Jushin: My focus area is Remote Desktop Services, previously it was Terminal Services and I am MVP since 2006.  So I was MVP in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

Flo: What are the major changes from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012 in this area?

Alexander Jushin:  There is a great change in those two technologies; Windows Server 2012 brings much more improvements in terms of speed for Remote Desktop Services, the manageability gets much better.  We have also much bigger focus on the VDI, and there are a lot of improvements in Hyper-V.

The management of the users became better; the protocol now works also in a UDP, which gives it a great performance for multimedia content like Flash and other content-intensive multimedia resources.

Flo: So let us take a look on cloud computing. What are your thoughts on solutions provided by vendors such as Dell Wyse

Alexander Jushin: Itis indeed a great way to get your corporation into cloud. You can store your virtual computers that you use basically anywhere. And you can access them from the thin clients, and a good example would be a Wyse client. Those clients deliver great performance over their WAN links and they also deliver great configuration options.  So yes, the remote desk access became so good at this stage that you pretty much can access your infrastructure at the great speeds through the LAN and through the wide area networks as well.

Flo: Do you see any challenges coming up in this field for hardware vendors?

Alexander Jushin: I do indeed see a great challenge for the companies producing the hardware. Thankfully, I have Dell hardware myself for one of the servers and the performance very good and BIOS is already supporting Windows 2012. I have no issues whatsoever, and I also see, in a couple of presentations on the Dell hardware, from my perspective, it works quite well and it’s absolutely ready for the Windows Server 2012.

What challenges I see … there must be great support for the drivers because especially in the server area, it is very important that the drivers are compatible with the operating systems. So I see that Dell, amongst other hardware producers, have their supports for the Server 2012 already in place.

As far as I know, there are some great models coming out in the Dell stack of Windows Server hardware, which will support the 2012, with improved scalability and such.  I think it’s a great challenge for everyone involved, and I believe that what it brings with it is better consolidation of the services, better performance for the VDI, and better performance for all the server functions altogether, so.

Flo: Onelast question.  hen and where will be the next E2EVC/PubForum?

Alexander Jushin: The next one will be on the May 31, 2013 in Copenhagen. It will be called E2EVC X Copenhagen. The X means that we are 10 years old, and we hope that at some stage we’ll be 20 years old as well.  So thanks to our great sponsors and their attendees, we look forward to see you all at the event.

Flo: Thank you very much, Alex.

Alexander Jushin:  Thank you very much.


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