Free one hour Webinars Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 by NetCom Learning Team

My friend from NetCom Learning will launch 2 short Webinars on Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio.

Feel free to register via the links below.




May 22, 2013, Wednesday (1pm – 2pm EST)
Free Webinar: Windows Azure | Bringing Cloud to the Enterprise–Bringing-Cloud-to-the-Enterprise-training.html?WebinarID=198


May 24, 2013, Friday (3pm – 4pm EST)
Free Webinar: Windows Server 2012 Review | Courses & Certifications–Courses-and-Certifications-training.html?WebinarID=191


May 30, 2013, Thursday (1pm – 2pm EST)
Free Webinar: Modern Windows Apps Development with Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft Learning launched new page for prospective MCSAs

Veronica Sopher and her teamed launched a new webpage this week. On this page you can find many interesting facts and also guidance, when you want to become an MCSA.

MCSA means Microsoft Certified Solution Associate and is the entry IT Pro Certification from Microsoft.

The program the page running under the name “90 Days to MCSA” and it’s goal is to connect you to the community as good as possible to become an MCSA.

If you want to check out he page feel free to visit

For more community visit also, the LinkedIn learning Groupe or use Twitter Hashtags #90days2MCSA and #WinServ for MCSA Windows Server 2012 or #90days2MCSA and #SQLServer for MCSA SQL Server 2012.

So use your chance and earn your MCSA.

MCSA Windows Server 2012 Charter Member Certificate

MCSA Windows Server 2012 Charter Member Certificate



My Road to Certification on Born2Learn

Some weeks ago I was interviewed from Veronica Sopher (Social Media and Community Manager) for Born To Learn at Microsoft.

She asked me how how I started my road to certification and what tips I have for others who want to become certified professionals.

You can read the complete interview here and don’t miss the other interviews with Rasmus HaslundMatt Griffin and Guido van Brakel

Born To Learn

You want to become a Hyper-V Superstar? You need the PowerCourse!

I had the chance to participate Carsten Rachfahls Hyper-V Power Course V2 in the week from 10. December to 14. December in Hallenberg Germany.

I have to say, it was a great experience. I work with Hyper-V since 2009 and I think I know something about it but in this course you get also a extrem deep dive in all functions of Hyper-V and all dependencies.

Carsten and his CoTrainer Jan Kappen are very experienced technicians and have also a wide knowledge in consulting and support.

Both brought all this experiences in their new Hyper-V course based on Windows Server 2012 RTM.

What can you learn? At first they build up the elementary knowledge for all who never worked with Hyper-V before, after this they dive with you into Hyper-V replica, networking , Live Migration, Clustering, SMB 3.0 and all other functions.

For every feature they build a lab so that you can try it by yourself and in different use cases.

As you know I participate the Windows Server 2012 Upgrade Course in the beta Version at Microsoft (Redmond, WA, America) in August this year.

When I compare both courses to each other my resume is the following.

When you want to become a good overview about all new Windows Server 2012 features you will do right with the official MOC course but you will not get a deeper introduction in Hyper-V. When you want real big and awesome Hyper-V knowledge, you have to join the Hyper-V Course of Carsten Rachfahl and Jan Kappen.

But be aware, this Hyper-V Course week is very hard and full of stuff you need to see and learn. 


Photo of my PowerCourse certificate

To find more information please visit:

Additional information:

– free internet during the course hours
– free drinks and snacks
– free and very delicious lunch in hotels (4 stars) near by

How can I see which Exam I need for my next Microsoft Certification?

Hi everybody,

also a questions that I want to answer for some guy’s of my community.

How can I see the exam requirements for my next Microsoft Certification without searching on Microsoft Learning Pages.

Nothing easiert than this.

1. Go to

2. Log in with your live ID that is connected to your MCP Account.

3. On your MCP Mainpage click on “My Certifcation Planer” (please enable Popups in your browser or for this page)

4. Now you see a list of all Certifications that are available from your current exam status.

5. Click on the Certification you want to earn and a Popup will open (that’s the reason for enabled Popups).

6. When you expand the requirements you see, which combination is possible to earn the Certification and if you failed a Requirement.