My planned test environment #1 physical Structure

To answer some question on the testsystems I use. I want to give you a short overview about my planned testenvironement and which systems are currently in place.

Currently in place
USB Backupdisks
Switche, Firewall and Router
Planned until end 2014
Synology Storage

Physical Environment (Storage, Switche & Hyper-V Hosts)


Virtual Network & Converged Networking

Poor network performance in VM when creating a virtual switch and using broadcom NIC with Windows Server 2012

This issue is resolved please read post:


Some customers reported me about performance issue with virtual machines running on Hyper-V V3 (Windows Server 2012) after creating a switch.

Together with colleagues we found out that the issue only appears with Broadcom network interface cards.

We saw that the issue is related by “Virtual Machine Queues” enabled on the networkadapter.

If you are facing this issue, please try to disable “Virtual Machine Queues” first on the virtual NIC in your VM. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please disable “Virtual Machine Queues” also on the physical NIC of your server.

The issue should be fixed with a Broadcom firmware and driver update for the NIC.

You can do this in the Adapter Properties of the Network Interface Card.

Adapter Properties in BASC

Adapter Properties in BASC

Adapter Properties of a NIC

Adapter Properties of a NIC