First German speaking Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Webcast

Together with Carsten Rachfahl and my employer Dell, I launched a German speaking Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V webcast.

I’m also happy to say that Carsten was able to arrange the first ever German speaking Windows Server 2012 R2 Live Demo ūüôā

Feel free to take a look on it.

You want to become a Hyper-V Superstar? You need the PowerCourse!

I had the chance to participate Carsten Rachfahls Hyper-V Power Course V2 in the week from 10. December to 14. December in Hallenberg Germany.

I have to say, it was a great experience. I work with Hyper-V since 2009 and I think I know something about it but in this course you get also a extrem deep dive in all functions of Hyper-V and all dependencies.

Carsten and his CoTrainer Jan Kappen are very experienced technicians and have also a wide knowledge in consulting and support.

Both brought all this experiences in their new Hyper-V course based on Windows Server 2012 RTM.

What can you learn? At first they build up the elementary knowledge for all who never worked with Hyper-V before, after this they dive with you into Hyper-V replica, networking , Live Migration, Clustering, SMB 3.0 and all other functions.

For every feature they build a lab so that you can try it by yourself and in different use cases.

As you know I participate the Windows Server 2012 Upgrade Course in the beta Version at Microsoft (Redmond, WA, America) in August this year.

When I compare both courses to each other my resume is the following.

When you want to become a good overview about all new Windows Server 2012 features you will do right with the official MOC course but you will not get a deeper introduction in Hyper-V. When you want real big and awesome Hyper-V knowledge, you have to join the Hyper-V Course of Carsten Rachfahl and Jan Kappen.

But be aware, this Hyper-V Course week is very hard and full of stuff you need to see and learn. 


Photo of my PowerCourse certificate

To find more information please visit:

Additional information:

– free internet during the course hours
– free drinks and snacks
Рfree and very delicious lunch in hotels (4 stars) near by

Microsoft Masterminds Episode 3: Carsten Rachfahl, MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Virtual Machine & Small and Medium Business (SMB) Expert in Germany

Welcome to the third episode of tech talks with outstanding Microsoft community members from all over the world. Most interviews will be with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and if you are not familiar with that program yet, I recommend you reading my recent introductory interview. In this episode I talk with Carsten Rachfahl, a German based MVP and SMB expert. Enjoy reading!

This post has no relation to my job or my employer. Everything I post is my personal opinion and I write complete independent.

Editorial processing done by Rafael Knuth


Me (left) talking to Carsten Rachfahl (right) in Hamburg, Germany during the E2EVC Conference 2012


Audio Interview:

Readable Interview:

Flo: Carsten, it’s a pleasure to talk with you. Can you please introduce yourself?

Carsten: Of course, Flo. My name is Carsten Rahfahl, I am from Germany, my company is Rachfahl IT Solutions and we are in business since 1991. We are mainly doing business in small and medium business area, and I am honored to be Microsoft MVP for Virtual Machine now in second year.

Flo: You have a strong reputation as a trainer in the Microsoft tech community. Carsten, please tell us about your Hyper-V PowerCourse.

Carsten: I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and I noticed a lack of Hyper-V learning materials. So, together with a colleague of mine, we decided to create a five-day-course focusing on Hyper-V. We started our course last year … it was pretty successful and now we are updating this course to Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 with all its new and good features.  We are targeting this course at every IT pro who wants to start using or learn more about Hyper-V.

Flo:  In what language do you provide these courses?

Carsten: My mother tongue is German, and I feel comfortable providing my courses in German. Besides that, my customers are mainly located in German speaking countries. So far, I do not have any specific plans for providing these courses in English, but that might be an interesting option for the future.

Flo: What are the greatest features in Windows Server 2012?

Carsten: I work primarily in the small and medium business area and because of that, my favorite feature is Hyper-V on SMB 3.0.  You are not restricted any more to block storage, instead you can also use Windows 2012 File Server for your virtual machine storage. IT folks now do not need to learn a new technology like block storage any more. Block storage has its own interface, there are LUNs, volumes, aggregates presented to the host … it’s much easier with Microsoft SMB 3.0.

Microsoft has invested a lot in this area. For example, you have SMB Multichannel, and you can use more than one network card to communicate with the storage system out of the box, without any configuration. No teaming, no MPIO.

Another great solution for small and medium customers is Cluster in a Box. I would love to see Cluster in a Box from all Vendors. I like this solition and I hope they will have this offering in the future. There will be many small business customers who will want that, maybe even enterprise customers.

Flo: Let’s talk a bit more about block storage usage in the small and medium business segment (SMB). How might those offering you described before affect the hardware business?

Carsten: In my Windows Server 2008 course we were focusing a lot on doing storage right in a cluster … configuring MPIO, networking and such. Windows Server 2012 will make block storage a lot easier. But most importantly, SMB 3.0 will take away a lot of block storage opportunities from hardware vendors. Block storage is great. But in small and medium business it didn’t really take off. In those business segments IT guys don’t understand block storage, they are generalists who have to do everything from Exchange Servers, to ERP systems, the network … just everything. Block storage is another, complex area that requires a lot of time and energy to understand and to use it properly.  With Windows Server 2012 storage system it’s possible to make storage highly available with a Scale-Out File Server.

The SMB IT guys know Windows Server very well, they are working with it every day … some of them for 10 years or more, and they are used to it. I am sure many, many people in the SMB market will do clustering and high availability on Windows Server 2012 … I believe it will take off.

Flo: Thank you very much for this interview.

Carsten: You’re welcome. Talk to you soon, Flo!

Twitter: @hypervserver 

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Cluster in a Box:

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My take aways from E2EVC

One week is over since the E2EVC ended for this year.

In my opinion it was a awesom event. Great presentations and speakers.

I had also the chance to speak with spend a lot of time with a few of my IT idols.

Didier van Hoye:

Didier shows me every day, how many things I don’t know, specially about storage and networking.¬†

Carsten Rachfahl:

He is also my mentor and the person, who pushes me along the Windows Server way. 

Thomas Maurer:

Thomas is one of the youngest MVP and also my personal¬†competitor¬†ūüėČ . He’s two years younger as my self and still on a professional level that I also want to reach in future. Well done Thomas and go on!¬†

Jeff Wouters:

Jeff also known as PowerShell Magician, is no MVP yet, but definitively on the way to become one. He is one of the best and most experienced PowerShell Gurus in EMEA. 

Aidan Finn:

Yes, last but not least Mr. Aidan Finn. One of the Microsoft MVP Rockstars EMEA and Worldwide. I felt like a teenage girl who met Justin Bieber when I talked to him or spend time with him and the other Experts. 

Aidan also signed my book. ūüėĬ†


I’m a little bit sad that Hans Vredevoort became sick, short before the event and can’t make it. ūüôĀ

I captured some interviews at the E2EVC weekend and I will publish them step by step, as soon as possible.

All in all it was an amazing weekend I will visit E2EVC again, if I get the chance.


Next time E2EVC will take place in Copenhagen Denmark from May 31 to June 2, 2013.