Azure Hybrid Series Part 4 – Offsite Backup with Azure

Today my the next part of my hybrid series went online.

This time about Offsite Backup with Azure.

You can read the whole Blog (in German) on the Azure Community Germany Community.


New Blogpost about Azure Backupserver @ Azure Community Deutschland

Hi everybody,

a few minutes ago my blogpost about Microsoft Azure Backup Server went only @ Azure Community Deutschland.

To read it please click here.

Altaro Training incl. certificate



Hi everybody,

for all of you who are interested in Altaro Backup for Hyper-V. Altaro now offers a free online training incl. a cool certificate. You only need to register on the Altaro Training page.

You can find the training

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How to setup Azure Backup with Synology Storage

Hello everybody,

today I want to show you how to setup a disk to cloud backup with the new cloud backup feature from synology storage. In my environment I use Azure as backup target.

Why do I use Azure?

I backup some of my important VMs to Azure as desaster recovery. So if my local systems fail I fire up the VMs in Azure.


1. You need to create a new Azure Storage were you store your data. From a security standpoint I would not suggest to use a storage shared with other Azure services you have.




2. After you created one you need to create a new management access key. We will need it later.


3. Now the needed preparations on Azure are done. Next Logon to your Synology and select the Backup & Replication Plugin.


4. Now you click create and select the backup typ you want.

File Backup – You can select Files and Folder you want to backup.

LUN Backup – Backups a complette LUN on Synology LUN on Azure



5. Now you select “Public Cloud Backup Destination”


6.  Now you select Backup to Azure


7. Now you enter your Azure Storage account data and create a new storage container


8. Now enter your container name you want to use



9. When everything went well it should look like on the picture below




10. In the next step you need to select the volume and share or LUN you want to backup




11. Here you can also select applications to backup. I won’t do that in my szenario.




12. In the last step you need to do transfer, backup and shedule settings.









Synology now supports Offsite Backup with Azure

As Microsoft Azure becomes more liked within industry and private field, Synology now supports off-site backup to Azure.

If you want to use these feature, you need to update to DSM 5.1 version.


Data backup

Protect your data, just the way you like

When it comes to off-site backup, cloud storage is playing an essential role in home and business backup strategies. With DSM 5.1, you can now back up data directly to Microsoft Azure, SFR, and hicloud. Plus, the new Explore feature for Glacier Backup makes it easier and cheaper than ever to retrieve single files from Amazon Glacier.

In addition, DSM 5.1 brings more flexible options for managing backup permissions, schedulable iSCSI LUN snapshots, broader support for package backup, as well as a performance boost up to 169% for LUN backup.

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