How to configure cluster traffic priority on a windows server

During writing my current cluster network series, I saw some points some people normally miss when configuring a Microsoft Cluster via Failover Cluster Manager.

One thing is, that they do not prioties Cluster Networks against each other and to change the routing interface.

The following task must be done on every cluster server. We change the connection settings so that our routed traffic goes over the management interface first.

1. navigate to your network adapter properties and open the advanced settings in the menu bar.

06-07-_2015_15-27-332. in the next menu you move you management interface which will be your gateway on the highest place.



So thats all for the routing part. For the next point you connect to a cluster node. You only need to do that operation once per cluster.

1. Check your Cluster Network. All Networks should be up and running.


2. Now you need to open and change the network metric. Here the lowest metric means, that cluster network has the highes priority. I recommand you to give cluster heartbeat traffic the highest priority because if that traffic fails, your node will go down within the cluster.

I set that configuration on a scale out fileserver, so my traffic will be priotiesed as followed:

high -> Cluster – Storage 01 – Storage 02 – Management -> low

So that means I need to run following script:

You can check the result with:

The result should look like the screen below.


Thats all, only small changes but improves the stability of your clusters in a high rate.



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