How to sync Synology Storage with Microsoft OneDrive


last week I investigated some new features from Synology DSM 5.1. One of the features is synchronisation to Microsoft OneDrive, Box etc.

Today I want to show you how you can configure the sync. I’m using a Synology DS115j for my test and have a DS1813+ for production.

1. You need to create a new user. I would suggest to create a separet user for the synchronisation.


2. Now you need to create a shared folder for the OneDrive files. I would suggest to create an additional volume too.



3. The user you created to manage the synchronisation musst have Read/Write on the share and on the NTFS / Advanced Share Permissions.



4. Now you need to install the Plugin. It is named Cloud Sync and you will find it in you Package Center.



5. After the Plugin is installed you can open it via “Start Menu”.


6. Now you should follow the Wizzard. First select your cloud service you want to connect too. In my case OneDrive.



7. Enter your credentials to connect to your account. For OneDrive you need your Microsoft Account.


8. You need to agreed the access to your accountsetting.



9. Now you need to select the local sync folders you want to sync to.




10. After you selected the folder it should look like the picture below.



11. In the next step you need to select your folders that should be available on your Synology.


12. After you selected the folders, the following message should pop up.


13. After you setup the sync, the initial sync starts.


Depending on your use, that may take a while. Attention!!! During the syncronisation you will notice a high CPU load of you synology. 


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22 Responses to How to sync Synology Storage with Microsoft OneDrive

  1. SteveL says:


    thanks for the guide.

    When I get to the point where you should enter your credentials for OneDrive it just hops past this and goes straight on to the permission to access account setting.

    Any ideas why this might happen?

  2. SteveL says:

    Seems that as I’ve been logged in to the OneDrive account on the PC I’m setting up CloudSync with – the credentials are added automatically.

    • Flo says:

      Yes that’s most likely. When I used internet explorer or a browser where I was logged in with my liveID, the wizzard react in the same way like yours.

  3. Tyler Eilders says:

    Nice guide, do you have one with onedrive for business? (formerly skydrive pro)
    I know onedrive4business support webdav but I have not been able to get it to work

    • Flo says:

      Hi Tyler,
      I have non for ondrive for business yet because my office 365 subscription run of. I will try to post one as soon as I have a new subscription.

  4. I’m waiting for some kind of help from Synology about syncing to OneDrive for Business. Everything I’ve read so far says it can’t be done, which is bollocks cuz I bought this specifically because it advertised it could Sync with OneDrive. No mention of (excluding Business, etc). Really pissed now. Could you help with teh webDAV part of it??

    • Flo says:

      Not realy, I gave my sample systems to a friend this week because I changed to a microsoft scale out fileserver based storage. My Synology became to slow for my test workload 🙁

  5. Ani87 says:

    Hallo Flo,
    ich habe die OneDrive Verknüpfung auch hergestellt, nur lädt die Synology alles in den root Ordner in der Cloud und nicht in die verschiedenen Ordner (z.B. Bilder in Fotos, auch wenn die selbe Struktur auf der Synology hergestellt wurde)

    Hast du da eine Lösung?

    • Flo says:

      Hm komisch. Ich hatte das Problem nicht :/ Bei mir hat er die komplette Ordnerstruktur repliziert.

      Ich kann es jetzt leider nicht mehr nachstellen, da meine Synologies jetzt gegen einen Scale out Fileserver getauscht wurden.

      Hast du mal beim Support nachgefragt?

    • Christoph says:

      Ordnerbeziehungen gehen überhaupt erst ab DSM 6, unter DSM 5 war OneDrive Synch unbrauchbar, weil einfach alles ins OneDrive Root gekippt wurde.

  6. Byron says:

    Argh! Wish it worked with One Drive for business too.. I felt Synology was a bit misleading with their marketing claims on this too..

  7. Martin Speeks says:

    CloudSync works fine for me, but stillhave a question:
    I want to sybc one tree to my 1st Box account and another to a 2nd Box account.

    CloudSync Help says:
    Each user credential can only be used for creating one connection. You can create multiple connections all with different user credentials, but not duplicate connections with the same user credential.

    So that should work: 2 connections to 2 differebnt user Credentials

    When setting up the 1st connection, Box user credentials are asked, but at the 2nd Connection, NO Credentials are asked. It just uses the 1st Account and asks permissions again.

    Any Idea how this can be done ?

    Regards, martin

  8. Marcin says:

    Many people talk here about syncing synology with OneDrive for Business, but apparently this is not possible until msft publishes a new ver of the client more inline with the consumer version.


    Can we not use a PC connected to the Synology nas via smb, and just a normal script , a command line utility like copy or xcopy, that id executed every few hours to just sync changed files?

    Sure it can be done.
    Yeah, the sync will be unidirectional, but its better than nothing.

    • Flo says:

      Yes would work and the current onedrive 4 business client is based on the old groove client. Currently I have no info when they will publish the new one. I only know they are working on with high pressure.

  9. Cameron says:

    I’ve got my “personal” Onedrive and then I linked my Onedrive for Business to the personal. I can sync this way, as it’s really Onedrive with my 1TB business limit.

  10. Christoph says:

    Do you also find that Cloudsynch and Onedrive disconnect after a time, sometimes during very large synchs (my first upload of my photo library took several sessions), but sometimes also “just like that”??
    Indicator would apparently be that in the “Syncing” screen it will show 0 storage used on the Onedrive, indicating it has lost the connection. No error is logged, however. I just have to delete and recreate the synching job. Very tedious and unfit for any automatic offsite storage.

  11. Malcolm Appleby says:

    I’ve recently set up my Synology DSM to sync with OneDrive. Actually I have several shares on the DSM that sync to different OneDrive accounts.

    All works ok, but two of the accounts say they are still sync’ing two files and have done so since setting up. New files are added to the drive and they sync ok, but something seems to be stuck with these two files.

    Trouble is I don’t know which files have not sync’ed! One account has >20,000 files, the other nearly 10,000 files – too many to check them all.

    Any ideas?

  12. Walter says:

    Very strange… when I click Agree in step 8, IE11 asks to approve exchanging data with another website, which I agree to as well. So far so good.
    Then an IE11 window pops up with in the URL oauth_step=success. Url is http://:/webman/…. with the address and port equal to step 8. The window remains white, i.e. without contents, and in DiskStation the CloudSync doesn’t advance to step 9.

    Anyone any idea?!?

  13. Jesper Hede says:

    You can’t use IE11, it works in IE10.

  14. Yordi says:

    Set up a LUN to pc,
    store onedrive for business data on the iscsi target 🙂 let the onedrive client on the pc sync 🙂
    sould work ..

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