Clustered Storage Spaces on Dell JBODs Introduction

This information were collected together with my old team @Dell TechCenter and Dell Engineerin and one of my best friends Carsten Rachfahl – MVP Hyper-V.

Most of you know Storage Spaces already and you know how to use them for Scale out File Server but in the past there were some “issues” we have to fight with.

For all of you who need a recap for Storage Spaces, Scale out File Server and those stuff. I would highly suggest you Jose Barretos blog (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft).

One was, that you need SCSI Endclosure Service 3.x on your JBOD or direct attached SAS storage enclosures. There are a bunch of small vendors like dataon, who use this version in their systems but many of us have a preferred vendor like HP, EMC, NetApp, IBM or Dell.

Most of them do not support this SES version. Dell came up a few weeks ago with it’s first solution that supports SES 3.x and Storage Spaces. With the second they will come up in Q2 2014 with SES 3.x support.

First solution is the Dell PowerVault MD1200 and Dell PowerVault MD1220 together with the SAS 6 Gbit/sec HBA.

For Dell PV MD1200 Hardware Specs, you can find more details here.

For Dell PV MD1220 Hardware Specs, you can find more details here.

For Dell SAS 6 Gbit/Sec HBA, you can find more details here.

To see the supported designes please check out the guides on Dell Tech Center.


Dell MD 12x0

Dell PowerVault MD 1200 (above) & MD 1220 (below) Source:


The second combination could be the Dell PowerVault MD3060e (Codename Roadking) together with LSI 9206-16e. There are no official information yet.

For Dell PV MD3060e Hardware Specs, you can find more details here.

For LSI 9206-16e HBA, you can find more details here.

Dell PowerVault MD3060e (Roadking)


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