Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – Best Posts of the Week around Windows Server, Exchange, SystemCenter and more – #15

Hi Community, here is my compilation of the most interesting technical blog posts written by members of the Microsoft MVP Community. The number of MVPs is growing well, I hope you enjoy their posts. @all MVPs If you’d like me to add your blog posts to my weekly compilation, please send me an email ( or reach out to me via Twitter (@FloKlaffenbach). Thanks!

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Featured Posts of the Week!

The Exchange 2013 alphabet: Client Access Server by Johan Veldhuis

Understanding Virtual Machine Priority and Preemption Behavior by Didier van Hoye

E2EVC Presentation – WS2012 Hyper-V Versus VMware vSphere 5.1 Deathmatch by Aidan Finn

Removing a non-existent VMM Library Server by Hans Vredevoort



The Exchange 2013 alphabet: Client Access Server by Johan Veldhuis


System Center User Group #SCUG meeting on March 5, 2013 #sysctr #WindowsAzure #Cloud by James van den Berg

My TechDays 2013 Agenda Recommendations by Didier van Hoye

Group Policy


Automatically backup Hyper-V VMs using PowerShell by Adam Driscoll

E2EVC Presentation – WS2012 Hyper-V Versus VMware vSphere 5.1 Deathmatch by Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cluster With NIC Teaming #WS2012 #vswitch by Robert Smit

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster and Companion References #Hyperv by James van den Berg

Understanding Virtual Machine Priority and Preemption Behavior by Didier van Hoye

Lync Server



Office 365

Neue Suiten und neue Sever bei Office 365 in German by Kerstin Rachfahl


Find Files with WMI and PowerShell Revisited by Jeffery Hicks

Find Files with PowerShell 3.0 by Jeffery Hicks

Friday Fun A Graphical PowerShell History Picker by Jeffery Hicks

#PSTip Argument disambiguation in PowerShell 3.0 by 

#PSTip Index into scalar in PowerShell 3.0 by 

#PSTip Validate if proxy credentials are required by Ravikanth Chaganti

#PSTip Using CIM cmdlets to find the user group membership by Ravikanth Chaganti

PowerShell SnapIns vs. Modules in German by Robert Mühsig


Windows PowerShell for SharePoint 2013 – A learning roadmap by Ravikanth Chaganti

System Center Core

System Center App Controller

System Center Avisor

System Center Configuration Manager

#Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager Package Conversion Manager 2.0 #sysctr by James van den Berg

System Center Dataprotection Manager

System Center Data Protection Manager CSV Serialization Tool by Aidan Finn

System Center Operations Manager


System Center Orchestrator

System Center Service Manager

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Server App-V Remote Application Packager available by Thomas Maurer

Removing a non-existent VMM Library Server by Hans Vredevoort

Mapping The Virtual Networking In System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager by Aidan Finn

Knowledge Base Articles for System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Service Pack 1 by Aidan Finn

Configure NIC teaming and QoS with VMM 2012 SP1 by Kristian Nese

 SQL Server

Windows Client

Why does Windows 8 Hyper-V require SLAT? by Steve Jain

Windows Server Core

Team in windows 2012 do’s and don’ts by Robert Smit

Videointerview mit Oliver Sommer zu Hyper-V im SMB in German by Carsten Rachfahl

PowerShell: Leere Benutzer- und Computerkonfigurationen in GPOs deaktivieren in German by Nils Kaczenski


Other MVPs I follow

James van den Berg – MVP for SCCDM System Center Cloud and DataCenter Management
Kristian Nese – MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management
Ravikanth Chaganti – MVP for PowerShell
Jan Egil Ring – MVP for PowerShell
Jeffery Hicks – MVP for PowerShell
Keith Hill – MVP for PowerShell
David Moravec – MVP for PowerShell
Aleksandar Nikolic – MVP for PowerShell
 – MVP for PowerShell
Adam Driscoll – MVP for PowerShell
Marcelo Vighi – MVP for Exchange
Johan Veldhuis – MVP for Exchange
Lai Yoong Seng – MVP for Virtual Machine
Rob McShinsky – MVP for Virtual Machine
Hans Vredevoort – MVP for Virtual Machine
Leandro Carvalho – MVP for Virtual Machine
Didier van Hoye – MVP for Virtual Machine
Romeo Mlinar – MVP for Virtual Machine
Aidan Finn – MVP for Virtual Machine
Carsten Rachfahl – MVP for Virtual Machine
Thomas Maurer – MVP for Virtual Machine
Alessandro Cardoso – MVP for Virtual Machine
Steve Jain – MVP for Virtual Machine
Robert Smit – MVP for Cluster
Marcelo Sinic – MVP Windows Expert-IT Pro
Ulf B. Simon-Weidner – MVP for Windows Server – Directory Services
Meinolf Weber – MVP for Windows Server – Directory Services
Nils Kaczenski – MVP for Windows Server – Directory Services
Kerstin Rachfahl – MVP for Office 365
Matthias Wolf – MVP Group Policy
Robert Mühsig – MVP ASP.NET/IIS

No MVP but he should be one

Jeff Wouters – PowerShell

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