Dell PowerEdge 11th Generation (Intel CPU) BIOS settings to improve performance

In this blog I want to show you how you can improve your CPU performance. Please be aware, this changes will have direct influence on power consumation. If you do this changes they will  increase power consumtion but a perfomance improvement up to 20% is realistic, depending of server usage.


The first step you should do, update your system to the current firmware and driver state.

Next reboot you system and enter the BIOS with “F2”.



Now we change the Processor settings. Change following settings:

Turbo Mode from “disable” to “enable”
C States from “enable” to “disable”
C1E (if you have this option) ” from “enable” to “disable”

CPU Intel Nehalem

CPU Intel Nehalem

More information about C States and C1E CPU extension you can find in this wiki.

More information about Turbo Mode you can find in this wiki.

Now leave the “Processor Settings” and enter “Power Management”.

Power Management

Power Management Dell PowerEdge BIOS

Change the option “Power Management” to “Maximum Performance”.

After this changes you can save the settings, leave the BIOS and reboot the server.


Why do this changes increase the systemperformance?

All the settings we change take effect on CPU and Memory clocking. If the cores or memory’s not used by your operating system they will clock down but in most cases that is not the best practice. The reason is, if an application needs the performance, the operations needs to inform the hardware controller. The hardware controller powers wakes up the CPU or Memory’s. In most cases this takes to long and the application’s run in low performance mode and has finished the calculation before the system is completely waking up.



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