Altaro Training incl. certificate



Hi everybody,

for all of you who are interested in Altaro Backup for Hyper-V. Altaro now offers a free online training incl. a cool certificate. You only need to register on the Altaro Training page.

You can find the training

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Failover Clustermanager Cluster Network – Network Interface only shows IPv6 Localloop

The todays post is inspired by some questions I often see when look around in forum for microsoft clustering.

Many people who are using Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager the first time, encounter that they see an unnamed cluster network with an IPv6 Loopback adresse.



Often they see it as a failure in Cluster manager. That is not the case. Mostly the reason is very simple. You have a Networkcard in your system which has no IPv4 or any IP at all.


Now you need to find why the reason why you don’t got an IP. The most common reasons are:

– you have no DHCP Server in that network and no static IP configured
– you get no IP from the DHCP server because of wrong VLAN or Port is not cabled correctly

So the easiest and most common issue is, that you forgot to set the IP. So set the IP for that networkcard.


After you set the IP your Failover Cluster Manager sees the new IP and everything looks fine đŸ™‚


System Center Universe SATELLITE in Eschborn Germany


Die Rachfahl IT-Solutions GmbH & Co KG freut sich der deutsche SCU Ambassador zu sein und präsentiert Ihnen hier alles Wissenswerte zum diesjährigen Warm-up Event.

Registrierung hier:

FIX: Issues with System Center Virtual Machine Manager Console when using other language than english

Hi everybody,

some of you may face various issues when you use VMM Console in non english language.

The issues could look like:

– You cannot connect
– You cannot create VMs or templates etc.

More here:

A few hours ago Microsoft brought out a hotfix which solves most of the issues:

Blogpost about Scale out Fileserver @Elanity Technik Blogs

Hey all,

for that guy’s who speak german. I published a blogpost about Scale ot Fileserver at the German Technik Blog of Elanity Network Partner GmbH.

Just click đŸ™‚