Synology now supports Offsite Backup with Azure

As Microsoft Azure becomes more liked within industry and private field, Synology now supports off-site backup to Azure.

If you want to use these feature, you need to update to DSM 5.1 version.


Data backup

Protect your data, just the way you like

When it comes to off-site backup, cloud storage is playing an essential role in home and business backup strategies. With DSM 5.1, you can now back up data directly to Microsoft Azure, SFR, and hicloud. Plus, the new Explore feature for Glacier Backup makes it easier and cheaper than ever to retrieve single files from Amazon Glacier.

In addition, DSM 5.1 brings more flexible options for managing backup permissions, schedulable iSCSI LUN snapshots, broader support for package backup, as well as a performance boost up to 169% for LUN backup.

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Cluster aware update distribution network name failed when using prestaged AD object

While sitting at a customer and configuring Cluster Aware Update for a Scale out Fileserver, I ran in my most beloved known issue with CAU.

Everytime I use a prestaged computer object for cluster aware update cluster resource, I get following error messages:

image001 image002


In the first place I thought the delegation ins right but I configured it a short while before and when I let the cluster the CAU Object by its self, everthing is fine.

So it couldn’t be that. So I checked Technet and found the issue on the known issue pages, together with a workaround

Source: &

Resolution: The easiest way I tried is to reset the DNS record for the cluster object. You can do that by using the powershell command

Get-ClusterResource ‘<your CAU prestaged object’ | Update-ClusterNetworkNameResource


Let the Cluster place the CAU object automaticly and than rename it, while using

Rename-ADObject -Identity “CN=<CAU Object Name>,CN=Computers,DC=Contoso,DC=com” –NewName “<your new Object Name>”


My 1st scenario with Windows Server vNext @ Microsoft IT Academy

Today my first IT Scenario on Microsoft IT Academy went only. 🙂

I’m writing about Windows Server vNext and asynchronis replication. I hope you will find it usefull.

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My third blogpost on Brocade Germany Community is online

My third blog about Brocade Vyatta V-Router went online today. 🙂

This time I write about some monitoring stuff build into vRouter.

Check it out on Brocade Community Germany.