Why my MVP Newsletter is now named “The Elway Gazette”

One of my readers asked me in the last days why my MVP Posts of the Week are now named “The Elway Gazette”.

Yes funny story. There was a week where I had 90% of the post in the newsletter written by Aidan Finn. His twitter name is @Joe_Elway.

So I reached out to him.


As answer on this post Didier van Hoye (@WorkingHardinIT) invented the name.



So now Aidan’s reaktion ūüėČ … I think he liked it.



Ah and if you are looking for god, he is working hard in IT! ūüėĬ†


Happy Sysadmin Appriciantion Day

To all Sysadmins out there!

I wish you a good Sysadminday and looooots of good coffee and cookies. You are reallife superheros!


Sysadmin Song:

Lyrics so that you User can sing it for you:

There’s a guy who works in another room, or on another floor.
He’s the one you call, when your document ain’t there no more.
He’s probably a boy, but he might be a girl, or something in between.
He’s the only one in the office who knows what PC Load Letter means.

He’s your system administrator, he’s probably into comic books.
And you tremble in fear when you have to hear one of his “What a dummy!” looks.
Got a virus? Lost your password? Or you just can’t print?
In an hour he’ll show up and crouch and squint.
Fight to save your files, he might be there all day,
But sometimes he just presses Caps Lock and walks away.

(Spoken) But HEY! Suddenly my password works! Wow! Hooray!

Hooray, hooray, oh happy day! I’m gonna buy my guy a gift to say:
Having you around means I get to stay stupid! and uninformed!
And I can keep opening dot e-x-e file attachments,
And forgetting my mother’s maiden name, ’cause you’ll fix it all for me, Yay!

I’ll give you a cake, I’ll give you a hug,
I’ll buy the world’s best System Administrator mug.
Just help me out, system administrator.
Please plug in my mouse, system administrator.
I don’t know which button is the mouse click button, system administrator.

Piss him off, and you’ll be fired by tomorrow morn.
‘Cause he’s the guy who knows that you’ve been surfing porn.
So, make sure you stay nice to your system administrator.

Honored as a Dell TechCenter Rockstar 2013

Like some of you know, I’m working on the TechCenter Germany and Global since¬†February¬†last year. Helping in forums, providing content and helping to grow the community.

What not many people know, I’m not part of the Dell TechCenter Evangelist Team. I’m something like a¬†volunteer as additional activity to my regular work in Dell Global Support.

Today I was honored as Dell Employee TechCenter Rockstar for the year 2013.

Now I’m one of those great, awesome guy’s like¬†Rasmus Haslund,¬†Didier Van Hoye¬†and Stephan Spector.¬†

I’m so¬†extremely¬†proud and want to thank the TechCenter guy’s for giving me the chance to support and grow our Dell Community. It was an awesome and¬†fabulous year with you and I would love to go on with our cooperation.

If you want to read the whole story of the Rockstar program and read who is honored too? Click here to open the blog from Peter Tsai.

Interview on wenzel.tk

Some weeks before Mr. Wenzel from http://www.wenzel.tk interviewed me about this two Questions:

Where do you see the IT World, specially Microsoft in the next 10 years?

What inspired you to obtain certificates and blogging at the same time / to take care of your website?

If you want to read my answer click here.

The interview is in German but Bing and Google Translator do a great job.

Thank you Mr. Wenzel ūüôā