Heute mal etwas Werbung in eigener Sache und in deutsch.

Das erste Treffen der Windows Server User Group Berlin startet am 09. Mai und wir würden uns freuen euch begrüßen zu dürfen 🙂

Schaut euch einfach unsere Themen und die Details auf unserer Homepage an.

Zum Event hier klicken.

Beste Grüße


Reawarded as Dell TechCenter Rockstar

Today I got a mail from Dell TechCenter Leader Jeff Sullivan, who told me that I’m reawarded as Dell TechCenter Rockstar for the year 2014.

For me that is a great honor to get reawarded because I left Dell in December. During this time I was Dell TechCenter Rockstar with status employee. Now I’m reawarded as Rockstar with customer status.

Thats so awesome. Thank you TechCenter Team 🙂

All 42 Rockstars world wide


Times are changing

As some of you already know, I will change my job and leave Dell and my current position as Solution Expert and tech. Community Manager. With beginning of the 1. December 2013 I will join the forces for CGI Group as Consultant Microsoft Infrastructure, responsible for Microsoft Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center VMM.

It was an awesome and wonderful time for me at Dell. I will never regret a minute of the time I spend as Dell employee. I met some really amazing people and build up lot’s of friendships all over the globe. I want to thank all my colleagues and friends.

One more year in my life has passed and it’s time to say thank you!

Another year is passed and I turned 29 on the last friday.

What happened this year?

I started to work in a home office and relocated to Berlin. I dived deeper in the Microsoft and Dell communities and became a bigger part of them. I was one of the first 200 MCSAs Windows Server 2012 worldwide and was able to improve my knowledge on many fields. I met more and more awesome people on private and professional level and made friendships all over the world. I was able to take decision that changed my current and future life and let me do the first steps on the road to fulfill my dreams and wishes.

That was a great and tough year for me and now it’s time to thank people who influenced me to become what I’m now. As character as well as IT Pro.

First I have to thank my family. They stand behind me with every decision I made and step I take. Without them my relocation to Berlin and all other stuff and future plans weren’t possible. Only a “thank you” is not enough to say how much this means to me and how deep you in my heart.

After my relocation to Berlin a whole new life starts for me. I left old friends behind that are still very important for me especially Jessi and Mandy. Girls thank you very much for not be bad about me for my decision to leave my old life behind. I’m still there for you every time you need me.

My start in Berlin was much easier than I thought but this was only possible because of new old partly old friends I had in Berlin. At this point I want to thank the most important ones for me. First the friends I met during my work for Dell Manuel Bräuer (and his hopefully future wife Nicole ;)) and Martin Seener. Thank you very much for your friendship and the professional discussion we have. You can count on me every time you need me.

Elena, you were the first person I met here. Thank you for your help and explanations how Berlin works.

Kora, I know you don’t want to read this thank you but you and Rafael were the two people who helped me mostly over the hard time as my important and most painful plan crashed. Thank you for your hard and true words. Please stay as strong as you are.

Yes now the three wonderful people I mostly hang around with Lea, Julia and Caro. Girls, the time we spend is so awesome and I never had so much fun before. You showed me new ways of thinking and every questions you ask me let me prove my self. In the past month I became a better person and that is also because of you. Thank you very much, I’m happy to have friends like you. Can’t wait to got ice skating with you.
Rafael, this year again you helped me through hard times as a friend and mentor. You helped me grow and showed me ways how to improve my self. I’m proud that I can name you my best friend. Thank you to give me the virtual headnuts when I fall into “gnarfmode”. 😉

My two good friends at work Patrick and Thorsten. It was awesome to see you fast professional grow during the past year. Thank you for your friendship and let us keep this up.

Wow what a long list but it is not over yet. There are also many people who helped me grow as an ITPro.

Carsten Rachfahl, Didier van Hoye, Aidan Finn, Thomas Maurer, Hans Vredevoort, Jeff Wouters, Ravikanth Chaganti. Thank you for promoting my professional work and helping my out when I had questions or need advice.

Carsten, it’s amazing to have a friend and mentor like you. Didier, thank you for challenging me and keeping me with your questions and friendship up to date. Aidan, you’re still my prototypical. Your are so awesome and I want to reach the same professional level like you. Thank you for not killing while naming you Justin Bieber or my newsletter after you. Ravikanth, thank you for taking my “Padawan” Arshad under your umbrella and helping him grow.

I also want to thank my teamleader Michael Koch, who supported me during my whole career at Dell and stand behind me every time it was necessary. He is also a teamleader who trust you and gives you as much free space and decision freedom as possible. He showed me how to survive in his world between all these managers and excel shovers, without freaking out or cutting heads. I can say he is the best teamleader I ever had in my professional life and I’m proud to be part of his team. Michael you have big share of how I have developed as an IT Pro.

Thank you to the Dell TechCenter Team for honoring me as a Rockstar. I’m happy to be part of the community and it’s lot’s of fun for me to support you guy’s during your daily work.

My thanks go also to the Microsoft TechNet Germany (incl. Lars Schmoldt) and Evangelist Team. I’m proud about the level of trust we reached and about the projects we did together. I’m more than impressed about your work and want to thank you for making me part it. I hope we can go on with in the future.

Last but not least, Veronica Sopher. Veronica, thank you very much for making me part of the MS Learning community and give me the opportunity to share my experience with all the other people who want to become or still certified. I really love to help you or your community out with answering questions. It’s awesome to be part of your community and you make a brilliant job!


To all of you, thank you for guiding me the way and helping me to grow. You are awesome and I’m proud to name you family, friends, colleagues and partners.

So with the words of Battle Beast “Let it roar”, also for the next year.