Renominated for Microsoft TechConnect Community (former CLIP)

Today I got a great message from Florian Endres (Community Program Manager @ Microsoft) that my Windows Server User Group Berlin and I in person were renominated and transitioned for Microsoft TechConnect. A Commnity Program that values local communities, community contributors and leaders for their feedbacks and work that they do with their local communities and members.

I’m very proud to now be in the second year Clip/TechConnect member and I’m happy that people see some value within my work and hobby in the community. 🙂



Now Part of the Microsoft Azure Community Germany blogger crew

Hi everybody,

I’m happy to say the Oliver Michalski invited me to join the crew of Microsoft Azure Community Germany. 🙂

I will to give my best to show that I’m worthy.

My Microsoft Azure Community Profil

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Windows Server User Group Berlin now part of Microsoft CLIP Community

Hi everybody,

one more step for my User Group out here in Berlin and my self is done. 🙂

We were nominated and engage in the Microsoft CLIP (Community Leader/Insider Program) Community. I’m so happy and proude that we made it after only one year and I want to thank all who made it happen and especially Norbert Klenner, who nominated us.


Technical Summit 2014 Berlin – A short recab

Hi everybody,

like some of you already know, we had a great technical event sponsored by Microsoft in Berlin this week.

Im talking about the Microsoft Technical Summit for IT Pros and Developers.

For me it was really great to be there, not only because I was able to see Microsofts new CEO Satya Nadela live on stage or to listen to amazing speakers talking about new awesome or current Microsoft Magic. For me it’s like a Family Meeting 🙂

I was able to see some really good friends from all over europe like Carsten Rachfahl, Benedikt Berger, Didier van Hoye or many many others and take place in a very constructive IT Pro discussion with Peter Abitter, Michael Korb and Patrick Heyde from Microsoft.

My Community peer Manuel and I also used the chance to do some promotion for the Microsoft Windows Server User Group Berlin and grape some presents for our members. You maybe see us in the videos, Microsoft made. 😉

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New blog page – document library

During some lazy minutes I sometimes create some sample documents for friends and customers. Normally those documents are basics for demo environments.

Today I thought I could provide some of those documents to all of you. So check out my new document library.