Webcast Recording of Windows Azure IaaS Quick Start Kit (QSK) by @yungchou

Microsoft Evangelist Yung Chou capture a great webcast about the Windows Azure Quick Start Kit. The webcast is around 1 hour long.

Discription Source Microsoft TechNet:

This is the recording of the webcast in which I reviewed the deployment methodology (http://aka.ms/AzureIaasMethod) and walked through the PowerShell script for automating a deployment. You can get the script from http://aka.ms/QSKand set up Windows Azure PowerShell by following the instructions at http://aka.ms/AzureCmdlets to test the script yourself. This will get you prepared for a more elaborated Windows Azure PowerShell script which I am planning to release in a few weeks.


To watch the webcast please click here.

Channel 9 Episode 117: Introducing the new Windows Azure Management Libraries

In this episode Nick Harris and Chris Risner are joined by Brady Gaster a Program Manager on the Windows Azure Management team.  During this episode Brady demonstrates the new Windows Azure Management Libraries.  These libraries enable you to manage your Windows Azure Subscription from .NET code.  In this video, Brady uses the libraries to demonstrate:

  • Upload a package to Blob Storage
  • Create a Cloud Service using the uploaded package
  • Deploy the Cloud Service
  • Create and start a VM

In the News:

  • ADAL, Windows Azure Ad, and Multi-Resource Refresh Tokens

  • Building a WPF Mobile Services Quick Start

TechNet Radio: Building Clouds – An Inside Look at Virtual Machine Migration Tools


  • [1:58] Could you briefly summarize the benefits of migrating to a Microsoft-based cloud solution?
  • [6:49] What is the difference between a Conversion and a Migration?
  • [9:25] What tools specifically does Microsoft provide for moving workloads from VMware vSphere to Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization?
  • [23:30] What tools are available from outside Microsoft?
  • [25:16] Are there options for customers that want to move workloads from VMware to Windows Azure?


Free Webinar about Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server (German Speakers only)

Together with his Partner Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH, Microsoft will have a free Webinar about the Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server. The webinar is German speaking.

For more information please click here.