#Azure Security Center: How to Protect Your Datacenter with Next Generation Security Free Webinar by @AltaroSoftware

Hi everyone,

I want to inform you about a new webinar from Altaro. 🙂

Azure Security Center: How to Protect Your Datacenter with Next Generation Security

Free Webinar by Altaro

Security is a major concern for IT admins and if you’re responsible for important workloads hosted in Azure, you need to know your security is as tight as possible. In this free webinar, presented by Thomas Maurer, Senior Cloud Advocate on the Microsoft Azure Engineering Team, and Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze, you will learn how to use Azure Security Center to ensure your cloud environment is fully protected.

The webinar covers:

  • Azure Security Center introductions
  • Deployment and first steps
  • Best practices
  • Integration with other tools
  • And more!

Being an Altaro-hosted webinar, expect this webinar to be packed full of actionable information presented via live demos so you can see the theory put into practice before your eyes. Also, Altaro put a heavy emphasis on interactivity, encouraging questions from attendees and using engaging polls to get instant feedback on the session. To ensure as many people as possible have this opportunity, Altaro present the webinar live twice so pick the best time for you and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like!

There are certain topics in the IT administration world which are optional, but security is not one of them. Ensuring your security knowledge if ahead of the curve is an absolute necessity and becoming increasingly important as we are all becoming exposed to more and more online threats every day. If you are responsible for important workloads hosted in Azure, this webinar is a must.

Webinar:          Azure Security Center:

How to Protect Your Datacenter with Next Generation Security

Date:                 Tuesday, 30th July

Time:                 Webinar presented live twice on the day. Choose your preferred time:

  • 2pm CEST / 5am PDT / 8am EDT
  • 7pm CEST / 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

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Introduction into Azure Bastion

Hi everyone,

you maybe hear about Azure Bastion right now. With Azure Bastion you can directly open an HTTPs Session via the Azure Portal and RDP/SSH into a Azure VM without using a public IP for the VM. So there is no need for public IP at a VM or VPN within the VNet.

Basicly Azure Bastion is a Jump Server or Bastard Server as a Service within an Azure Network.

The following videos gives you a short introduction into Azure Bastion.

If you want to enable Azure Bastion into your subscription you will find a great resource with the Azure documentation following the below link.


Currently Bastion has a very limited feature set and only provides the service per VNet. Later down the roadmap Microsoft will add more Features like Multi Factor Authentaction and Azure AD support as well as support for VNet Peering.

My new article with @AltaroSoftware – How to Boost Network Performance Inside China’s Great Firewall

Together with Altaro, I wrote a new article about how to improve the performance for users inside of china using services and cloud services outside of china.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Maximize free subscription days when upgrading to XBox Game Pass Ultimate

Hi everyone,

during a sleepless night I discovered and browsing the XBox Store, I discovered an interesting offer which hides a lot of free fun for gamers. 🙂

Microsoft XBox has currently a really great offer when changing from XBOX Gold and Game Pass to Game Pass Ultimate.

First, you get the first month for 1€.

That is already nice but there is an additional thing you should know. As you might have already discovered, the new Game Pass Ultimate combines XBox Gold and Game Pass into one subscription.

To help players who paid more for both subscriptions and have them currently running, adds all prepaid subscriptions days from Gold and Game Pass and combines them into Ultimate. That means following:

1 month XBox Gold + 1 month XBox Game Pass = 2 months Game Pass Ultimate 🙂

Thats really nice, I tried that with my account yesterday with following Resultat.

Where I started:

Where I ended:

yes, I don’t need any new Game Pass for 2 years now.

But … one moment! Every prepaid is eligable to be converted for 1€ right?

Yes it is and now here comes the magic and an awesome offer Microsoft makes to their gaming community.

Microsoft XBox trial licences you get with and nex XBox, some games, events etc. are also prepaid.

So I tried it with another account. I added some free trials which had at home. As you know, you can add trials more than one time per account.

At the end I did following:

  1. Added two passes for XBox Gold (1 Month)
  2. enabled the automatic payment to get another free month
  3. Added two passes for XBox Game Pass (1 Mpnth)
  4. enabled the automatic payment to get another free month
  5. Upgraded to Ultimate for 1€

Resultat: I ended up with 5 months XBox live for 1€. 🙂

Afterwards you can cancel automatic payment in your XBox account.

I hope the blogs helps and happy to here from you.