System Center Universe SATELLITE in Eschborn Germany


Die Rachfahl IT-Solutions GmbH & Co KG freut sich der deutsche SCU Ambassador zu sein und präsentiert Ihnen hier alles Wissenswerte zum diesjährigen Warm-up Event.

Registrierung hier:

FIX: Issues with System Center Virtual Machine Manager Console when using other language than english

Hi everybody,

some of you may face various issues when you use VMM Console in non english language.

The issues could look like:

– You cannot connect
– You cannot create VMs or templates etc.

More here:

A few hours ago Microsoft brought out a hotfix which solves most of the issues:

Blogpost about Scale out Fileserver @Elanity Technik Blogs

Hey all,

for that guy’s who speak german. I published a blogpost about Scale ot Fileserver at the German Technik Blog of Elanity Network Partner GmbH.

Just click :)



Sysadminday 2015 in Leipzig


I want to invite you all to one of our events this year. This time together with one of my partners.

We want to invite you to a Sysadminday Event on the 31.07.2015 in Leipzig.

For more information please check our page:

Thank you :)

How to configure dynamic optimization in VMM 2012R2 (UR6)


Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorits features in Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. It is dynamic optimization, which balences virtual machines on Hyper-V hosts and improves utilization of the hosts.

With dynamic virtualization you can balance the utilization to the host optimum and shutdown hosts that are no longer needed.

How can you configure dynamic optimization.

1. Connect to the VMM Console and right click on the hostgroup you want to optimize. Than click on properties.

1. In the Properties you navigate on Dynamic Optimization.

3. In the menu you now can configure the interval when your cluster will optimize.


4. Now you configure the interval when Dynamic Optimization will check your hosts and move virtual Machines around to balance them.




5. Now you set the Thresholds when virtual Machines should be moved. For that you need to do some calculation work.

– Number of hosts
– Number of VMs per host and
– Hardware configuration of your hosts
– In optimal power and performance range of your servers (you normally get the information from your ODM)


6. Last but not least “enable power optimization”.


That’s a cool option to reduce costs by shutting down unneccessary hosts. First you set the threshold when you want to shutdown hosts. At next you can set the time periode when you want to power optimize. For example you you want to have all your hosts online during business hours and want to shutdown all unneccessary hosts during night time. With these two options you can do so :)



I hope that blog gives you a short overview about that cool feature. Feel free to send me a mail if you have more questions.